About us

Design through collaboration

Good design is the key and Clean Modules provide all aspects, from concept to detailed design, including clean air systems and the specialist components.

A collaborative and innovative approach combines the customer’s knowledge of their process and products with Clean Modules specialist Clean Room knowledge and results in an integrated, optimised solution.

Clean Modules ensure all Clean Rooms meet National and International regulations and standards together with planning and building controls.

In-house design and manufacture tailor the Clean Room to each customer’s requirements. Where appropriate, other specialist equipment from preferred suppliers is incorporated.

Our Clients

Successful Project Implementation

Implementation to time, cost and specification is achieved by careful planning and using appropriate resources. We achieve this by dedicating specialist staff to each project, to ensure proper on and off-site management and technical capability.

Clean Modules have evolved a system of Project Management, based a close working relationship with the customer. A system of project planning, review and change control is used to ensure everyone remains informed, focussed and in control throughout.

Clean Modules are totally flexible, providing totally integrated turnkey projects or operating as part of a multidisciplinary team to suit the customer.